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Insignificant yet Overvalued....

[4 min read] Well, it’s Ava and Ella’s birthday today…. Pause...Pause…. Oh wait! Before we talk further about their day, let’s explore a little bit about their parent’s profession. It’s basically an ancestral occupation, oh yeah this sounds surprising in this era, but yes they own a store named DIA, and they are the art dealers, so cool, isn’t it? Out of many sub-jobs that DIA is involved in, a part of the business is dedicated to painting, I’m a passionate artist, I wonder that’s the reason why I’m more focused on the painting side of DIA! well, wonders apart, the most interesting part about DIA is that they use 23 specially designed brushes for any orders they get. The number 23 instantly grabbed my attention, lol, it’s because I was born on 23rd ;) anyone else? Oops, back to DIA! To appreciate the uniqueness of this place, I surely want to dive a little deep into its making. So, the brushes have an unusual threadlike three-dimensional arrangement of stones in the form of a chain, pe