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The journey has just begun..

I feel fully conscious but definitely unable to open my eyes, I could barely move, I feel so weak with little or no energy within myself. I don’t remember anything that happened previously, but it’s like I struggled a lot and fell asleep for so long and just woke-up. With something fluidic touching my feet, I gently tried to open my eyes, and then with my half-closed eyes, I figured out that I was in a slightly dark room with no one around. Though the room was built so beautifully with it being narrow at the ceiling and wide at the base, reminding me of a pear, it was so small. It seemed like an ancient room, it had no doors and windows, just a small tunnel, although I’m not sure where it leads to since I’m seeing this for the first time. While this is happening, I started hearing some voices from outside, at first gentle whispers, which I could barely understand, and then a sudden tumultuous sound that scared me, I think that was the very first time I got scared so much in my life.

Ever wondered?

Biology determines much of the way we live.  From the moment we’re born, we know how to breathe and eat. As we grow older, new instincts kink in… We become territorial.  We learn to compete. We seek shelter.  Sometimes biology can turn on us, though.   Yeah, biology sucks sometimes.  Biology says that we are who we are from birth, that our DNA is set in stone, unchangeable. Our DNA doesn’t account for all of us, though. We’re humans, life changes us.  We develop new traits.  Become less territorial.  We stop competing.  We learn from our mistakes.  We face our greatest fears.  For better or worse, we find ways to become more than our biology. The risk, of course… is that we can change too much… to the point, we don’t recognize ourselves. Finding our way back can be difficult. There’s no compass, no map. We just have to close our eyes, take a step, and hope that we’ll get there.  Screw the odds, screw the science! Let’s just live. Whatever happens… happens.  ———— no, it doesn’t. Does- -

Geniuses are made, not born.

It all started when the whites and blacks decided to fight over each other, and not to forget, the whites started the battle. Although I am anxious, I got engrossed in the abstract strategy that's used throughout the battle with no hidden information. Both sides, the combatants are so keen on their non-violent approach but are incompassionate to leave a way for escape. Furthermore, the folks on both mobs are very eager to understand the strategies of the opposites, to put them under an immediate attack. While this is happening, my eyes stopped wandering when it met a set of young eyes which shined like an ocean in the summer sun but with the color of the richest chocolate. Her blonde hair with soft curls was the color of rich cream, and her skin was as clean as a new paper. On the whole, she was like a dream and I loved her. How could I not? She was so very easy to love. By nature, her eyes are expressive but she willfully remained still to not let the opposites understand her stra

How【BAD】is too【BAD】【?】

Rolling my eyes upon watching Mr. Money obstruct the stream of sunbeams from striking my eyes, I habitually smiled seeing him grow every passing day. Oh yeah, I’m not talking about a pet, my sister is so stern about permitting animals in the house, it’s a money plant, yeah, he’s growing so healthy, that’s admirable : ). While this is happening, my brain is still pondering about this “POT”, Nah, not Mr. Money’s, well, for those of you who know me might relate this to the poker pot, hell no, it’s the methylamine pot that occupied my brain at this hour in the morning. Lol yes, after a long rolling pause I finished watching all the seasons of breaking bad [if you haven’t watched this series yet, methylamine is a drug that’s controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration, it’s bad, I mean the drug 😜]. I am still freak about how a simple-minded person with zero drama and no serious psychological aberrations turned his life into an absolute roller coaster.. but in an EXCEPTIONAL WAY. Mr.

Bit off more than I could chew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s ~2:40 AM and the only line that’s racing in my head over and over again is “Please, Time! Pause, just Pause.... Forever”. Although our car is moving at a fair speed I sensed an utter silence while my right hand’s in my mom’s arm, my left in my dad’s. There are quietness and nothing, yes, nothing, my lips didn’t dare to open even a bit, my eyes wide open but denied responding to the silvery moon that’s dotted on the dark blue night sky, never mind, my hands didn’t bother to even feel my parents touch! I was affectless and however, every passing second terrified me that we are getting more nearer to the airport! Yes, WE are on our way to the airport, and YES, I am on my way to the USA, although it’s my decision to leave my parents, when the weeks, days, hours, and minutes approached, I became more and more doubtful about my decision. I was clueless about what I decided for my coming years. Gradually, I failed to express my feelings even during situations that would normally be expec

An afternoon with Michael Schur.

After a nice meal, instead of letting my eyes doze off, I quickly turned my attention towards my window, wait, wait, not a typical 8x8 FT, but almost the size of an entire wall :) Jeez. I hyped it way much :D but yeah, the view from my window is awesome! I can see the sky stretching out everywhere, the white clouds rolling by on clear days, and the eagles that are flying by. I can see the houses lining the road throughout and a blending palette of greens and browns, plus whatever colors that Halloween left behind. In a blink of an eye, maybe it’s my fantasy or pareidolia, it's the ability to look at random objects and see familiar faces/things . To me, o ne of the clouds resembled this man, with a lovely gesture, bright eyes that are spaced correctly and are racing for another victory, along with an equal proportion of charm and elegance. Well, the cloud is kinda 45 degrees angle from my site. Oh boy! Yeah, it’s him, Michael Herbert Schur. Yes, yes, an American television directo

Insignificant yet Overvalued....

[4 min read] Well, it’s Ava and Ella’s birthday today…. Pause...Pause…. Oh wait! Before we talk further about their day, let’s explore a little bit about their parent’s profession. It’s basically an ancestral occupation, oh yeah this sounds surprising in this era, but yes they own a store named DIA, and they are the art dealers, so cool, isn’t it? Out of many sub-jobs that DIA is involved in, a part of the business is dedicated to painting, I’m a passionate artist, I wonder that’s the reason why I’m more focused on the painting side of DIA! well, wonders apart, the most interesting part about DIA is that they use 23 specially designed brushes for any orders they get. The number 23 instantly grabbed my attention, lol, it’s because I was born on 23rd ;) anyone else? Oops, back to DIA! To appreciate the uniqueness of this place, I surely want to dive a little deep into its making. So, the brushes have an unusual threadlike three-dimensional arrangement of stones in the form of a chain, pe

Crazy yet Caring ^_^

[4 min read] I never believed that there exists ' heroines'  but yes they do and are called  ‘elder sisters’ . Well, I don’t have any complaints about that but, mannnn, the irony is, no matter how hard  'younger ones'  try, they always end up being  ‘side characters’ , yes, the character that stays beside the heroine right from the beginning, sometimes if fortunate, even before the heroine’s entry, but damn, even before we fully embrace her qualities, there comes the actual character who is absolutely ravishing with entrancing facial features, beautiful clothes, high academic excellence, appreciation from every possible relative (even from the generations that didn’t exist, lol), and definitely the so-called “the best qualities”; while all of a sudden making the ‘side character’ feel absolutely deflated like a balloon, boom, she’s got no recognition anymore. I sometimes wonder if portraying the ‘side character’ unnoticeably makes the ‘heroine’ noticeable?  Wonders

Misconstrued Vein of Love..

[4 min read] Note:   The ‘I’ here is written from a male context 👨😁 It was a pleasant sunny afternoon, well, I understand that afternoons and pleasantness won't go concomitantly, especially when it’s sunny! But wait, it was pleasant for me coz that’s when I met the love of my life. I was introduced to her by her sister. The moment I saw her, the whole agenda for the rest of my life has flashed in my head, a sense of belonging triggered in! And the same reciprocated, she’s equally excited seeing me :)) Woohoo..! That’s when this guy with the long hair, expressive eyes, and a not so cute smile popped in my head, imaginations apart, he’s Issac Newton, oh yes, his 3rd law of motion ;) Although it’s our initial meet, we started talking hours together. Surprisingly, she’s a fitness freak, we spoke lots about health and fitness. Oh wait, I didn’t mention this right! although my degree is not exactly related to what a doctor studies or does, people often consider me their doctor,

Moments Outlived Movements..

[5 min read] Aahuti is a very healthy, happy, and beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes and a pretty smile. For her, being a strong woman isn’t just about mental strength, but physical strength as well, although she never invested her time specifically in fitness, her ability to multitask helped her stay physically healthy. It is only upon seeing her, I strongly believed that women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in some instances. Howbeit, one fine morning, while the spring tattooing its colors onto the land, the brilliant pre-dawn golden skyline shades fell in her room through the partially-opened window, and the cool breeze along with the sounds of cooing pigeons from her garden gently woke her up. Lethargic, while falsely interpreting that as spring fever, Aahuti walked towards her garden, beatific faced, she discerned that the buds begin to flower on the plants, adding a splash of color throughout her garden, however, she couldn’t stay there longer when the sun f

Apparently, not the End....

[5 min read] It was an ancient building that is doric, redbrick, and detached. Definitely it’s one of the handsome and high-rise erection that I came across in recent times... Kinda similar to this erection, but not quite. I was in a palatial hall kind of room, and I am working there for my boss, Mark Clouse. Well, I was coding, it took shape, so I wanted to show that to my boss and wind up with the day. In the massive hall, I am onto one corner, well-appointed, and he is onto another corner sitting on his bossy chair and doing his work, although the hall is beautiful, his corner often seemed stark. I stood, held my files in my hands those which I’m supposed to show him, started walking to another corner, and when I approached him I didn’t feel good, it’s a feeling that’s hard to articulate, which is in itself profoundly eerie, but then since he’s my boss and I’m reporting to him, I just maintained professionalism. When I’m almost near he greeted me with a grin on his face, I

Exploratory Analysis to Anticipate a Chess Champ's Journey.

[4 min read] Leo is 9 years old and an international Chess player. His mom, Alex wants to see Leo as a Chess Grandmaster (GM) before he turns 18. Since in Chess, rankings are a direct representation of the performance of a player over a certain period of time, Alex started her analysis using the data of the Top 100 Chess players over a certain period of time. Data was sourced from the official site of the World Chess Federation: The dataset contained 8 features including ranking date, rank, player's name, title, country, rating, number of games played in that particular year, date of birth. At first, she was curious to know if there is any correlation between age and ranking. A joint plot between ranking and date of birth inferred that,                                                                     the person  who got rank 1, yes, you guessed it right, it's Magnus Carlsen, he is the World's  Chess Champion since 2013 - present,  is born