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Apparently, not the End....

[5 min read] It was an ancient building that is doric, redbrick, and detached. Definitely it’s one of the handsome and high-rise erection that I came across in recent times... Kinda similar to this erection, but not quite. I was in a palatial hall kind of room, and I am working there for my boss, Mark Clouse. Well, I was coding, it took shape, so I wanted to show that to my boss and wind up with the day. In the massive hall, I am onto one corner, well-appointed, and he is onto another corner sitting on his bossy chair and doing his work, although the hall is beautiful, his corner often seemed stark. I stood, held my files in my hands those which I’m supposed to show him, started walking to another corner, and when I approached him I didn’t feel good, it’s a feeling that’s hard to articulate, which is in itself profoundly eerie, but then since he’s my boss and I’m reporting to him, I just maintained professionalism. When I’m almost near he greeted me with a grin on his face, I