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How【BAD】is too【BAD】【?】

Rolling my eyes upon watching Mr. Money obstruct the stream of sunbeams from striking my eyes, I habitually smiled seeing him grow every passing day. Oh yeah, I’m not talking about a pet, my sister is so stern about permitting animals in the house, it’s a money plant, yeah, he’s growing so healthy, that’s admirable : ). While this is happening, my brain is still pondering about this “POT”, Nah, not Mr. Money’s, well, for those of you who know me might relate this to the poker pot, hell no, it’s the methylamine pot that occupied my brain at this hour in the morning. Lol yes, after a long rolling pause I finished watching all the seasons of breaking bad [if you haven’t watched this series yet, methylamine is a drug that’s controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration, it’s bad, I mean the drug 😜]. I am still freak about how a simple-minded person with zero drama and no serious psychological aberrations turned his life into an absolute roller coaster.. but in an EXCEPTIONAL WAY. Mr.