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Exploratory Analysis to Anticipate a Chess Champ's Journey.

[4 min read] Leo is 9 years old and an international Chess player. His mom, Alex wants to see Leo as a Chess Grandmaster (GM) before he turns 18. Since in Chess, rankings are a direct representation of the performance of a player over a certain period of time, Alex started her analysis using the data of the Top 100 Chess players over a certain period of time. Data was sourced from the official site of the World Chess Federation: The dataset contained 8 features including ranking date, rank, player's name, title, country, rating, number of games played in that particular year, date of birth. At first, she was curious to know if there is any correlation between age and ranking. A joint plot between ranking and date of birth inferred that,                                                                     the person  who got rank 1, yes, you guessed it right, it's Magnus Carlsen, he is the World's  Chess Champion since 2013 - present,  is born

The journey has just begun..

I feel fully conscious but definitely unable to open my eyes, I could barely move, I feel so weak with little or no energy within myself. I don’t remember anything that happened previously, but it’s like I struggled a lot and fell asleep for so long and just woke-up. With something fluidic touching my feet, I gently tried to open my eyes, and then with my half-closed eyes, I figured out that I was in a slightly dark room with no one around. Though the room was built so beautifully with it being narrow at the ceiling and wide at the base, reminding me of a pear, it was so small. It seemed like an ancient room, it had no doors and windows, just a small tunnel, although I’m not sure where it leads to since I’m seeing this for the first time. While this is happening, I started hearing some voices from outside, at first gentle whispers, which I could barely understand, and then a sudden tumultuous sound that scared me, I think that was the very first time I got scared so much in my life.