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Crazy yet Caring ^_^

[4 min read] I never believed that there exists ' heroines'  but yes they do and are called  ‘elder sisters’ . Well, I don’t have any complaints about that but, mannnn, the irony is, no matter how hard  'younger ones'  try, they always end up being  ‘side characters’ , yes, the character that stays beside the heroine right from the beginning, sometimes if fortunate, even before the heroine’s entry, but damn, even before we fully embrace her qualities, there comes the actual character who is absolutely ravishing with entrancing facial features, beautiful clothes, high academic excellence, appreciation from every possible relative (even from the generations that didn’t exist, lol), and definitely the so-called “the best qualities”; while all of a sudden making the ‘side character’ feel absolutely deflated like a balloon, boom, she’s got no recognition anymore. I sometimes wonder if portraying the ‘side character’ unnoticeably makes the ‘heroine’ noticeable?  Wonders