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Geniuses are made, not born.

It all started when the whites and blacks decided to fight over each other, and not to forget, the whites started the battle. Although I am anxious, I got engrossed in the abstract strategy that's used throughout the battle with no hidden information. Both sides, the combatants are so keen on their non-violent approach but are incompassionate to leave a way for escape. Furthermore, the folks on both mobs are very eager to understand the strategies of the opposites, to put them under an immediate attack. While this is happening, my eyes stopped wandering when it met a set of young eyes which shined like an ocean in the summer sun but with the color of the richest chocolate. Her blonde hair with soft curls was the color of rich cream, and her skin was as clean as a new paper. On the whole, she was like a dream and I loved her. How could I not? She was so very easy to love. By nature, her eyes are expressive but she willfully remained still to not let the opposites understand her stra