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Moments Outlived Movements..

[5 min read] Aahuti is a very healthy, happy, and beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes and a pretty smile. For her, being a strong woman isn’t just about mental strength, but physical strength as well, although she never invested her time specifically in fitness, her ability to multitask helped her stay physically healthy. It is only upon seeing her, I strongly believed that women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in some instances. Howbeit, one fine morning, while the spring tattooing its colors onto the land, the brilliant pre-dawn golden skyline shades fell in her room through the partially-opened window, and the cool breeze along with the sounds of cooing pigeons from her garden gently woke her up. Lethargic, while falsely interpreting that as spring fever, Aahuti walked towards her garden, beatific faced, she discerned that the buds begin to flower on the plants, adding a splash of color throughout her garden, however, she couldn’t stay there longer when the sun f