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An afternoon with Michael Schur.

After a nice meal, instead of letting my eyes doze off, I quickly turned my attention towards my window, wait, wait, not a typical 8x8 FT, but almost the size of an entire wall :) Jeez. I hyped it way much :D but yeah, the view from my window is awesome! I can see the sky stretching out everywhere, the white clouds rolling by on clear days, and the eagles that are flying by. I can see the houses lining the road throughout and a blending palette of greens and browns, plus whatever colors that Halloween left behind. In a blink of an eye, maybe it’s my fantasy or pareidolia, it's the ability to look at random objects and see familiar faces/things . To me, o ne of the clouds resembled this man, with a lovely gesture, bright eyes that are spaced correctly and are racing for another victory, along with an equal proportion of charm and elegance. Well, the cloud is kinda 45 degrees angle from my site. Oh boy! Yeah, it’s him, Michael Herbert Schur. Yes, yes, an American television directo