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Apparently, not the End....

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It was an ancient building that is doric, redbrick, and detached. Definitely it’s one of the handsome and high-rise erection that I came across in recent times...

Kinda similar to this erection, but not quite.

I was in a palatial hall kind of room, and I am working there for my boss, Mark Clouse. Well, I was coding, it took shape, so I wanted to show that to my boss and wind up with the day. In the massive hall, I am onto one corner, well-appointed, and he is onto another corner sitting on his bossy chair and doing his work, although the hall is beautiful, his corner often seemed stark. I stood, held my files in my hands those which I’m supposed to show him, started walking to another corner, and when I approached him I didn’t feel good, it’s a feeling that’s hard to articulate, which is in itself profoundly eerie, but then since he’s my boss and I’m reporting to him, I just maintained professionalism. When I’m almost near he greeted me with a grin on his face, I smiled back with a ‘Hello’, I showed him my work, he approved it and said to me to wait and he quickly walked into a curtained-off room. 

While I was waiting, Mr. Robert, who was advised to telephone call Dr. Travis Kurc came there. Mr. Robert is a forensic sketch artist, and Dr. Kurc is one of the senior detectives, we all work in the same firm and for the same project. Dr. Kurc was on leave that day and might not show up for the next 1-2 days, so he doesn’t want to delay the work during his absence and wanted to describe the features of a criminal that he found during his analysis so that Mr. Robert could jot them on a paper and the team could start looking for the malefactor. 

As scheduled, Dr. Kurc started describing the person’s face and Mr. Robert is jotting them on a paper, the narration by Dr. Kurc seemed to be so comprehensive and thoughtful that Mr. Robert is not asking too many questions and the process was pretty quick, not to forget, Mr. Robert is a well trained composite artist with more than 66 successful cases in his record so far. The call has ended, Mr. Robert was waiting for Mark Clouse to show this sketch and take further instructions.

As always, bug-eyed, I happened to get a glimpse of the sketch, the sketch overall had a dark look with glazed eyes and flat nose, and a wage design of ears and mouth, along with a rough rectangular face-shape and spiky hair. No sooner I started sweating and cold wash went down my back, I realized that the picture had a close resemblance to Mark Clouse, however, unclear and perplexed, I just ignored it at that moment. 

Meanwhile, Mark came out of the curtain, walked towards me with an intension to say something, surprisingly, his attention drifted onto the sketch that was placed on his desk by Mr. Robert, nothing has changed, everything seemed casual, Mark held that paper and kept it in a file just like he usually does to any other important documents that come to his desk. Mr. Robert asked if he could take a copy of that, Mark deliberately ignored that and asked Mr. Robert to leave and informed him to send Elina to his desk, Mr. Robert left. 

Mark immediately took the paper out from the file and while he’s staring at the sketch, he started a conversation with me, absolutely irrelevant to the project which I barely understood or remembered. While this is happening, he flipped the paper towards the desk and started wiping it over the desk, pretending as though he’s not consciously doing that action but consciously talking to me, but it’s clearly the other way around. Noticing every bit of it but tight-lipped, I wondered why Mark still didn’t ask me to leave the place and did all these privately so there would have been no one witnessing him doing all these. 

Meanwhile, Elina came and asked Mark for the sketch, Mark then reacted as though he became conscious about the paper now and stopped wiping it over the desk and flipped it around, and we all noticed that the sketch got erased and we could barely see anything. Mark then exclaimed “Oops! That was inadvertent, I was absorbed in business talk with her - pointing towards me”. Wide-eyed, I then realized my purpose over there.

I immediately reacted saying that I’ve seen the sketch before and added that I can recall and help Mr. Robert retrace it. Mark immediately looked at me, Wild-eyed, but within fractions of a second, he managed to neutralize his facial expressions and said to me and Elina that he could do that since it’s the chief document and he doesn’t want to risk with it. Pointing towards Elina, he said her to leave and asked me to stay by mentioning that I could help him retrace the sketch since I’ve already seen it before. 

Sinking into stormy contemplation, however, clueless how to handle this situation, I strenuously held onto unreadable facial expressions and stayed. However, I became hyperventilated, queasy and I’ve gone half-mad with terror. Meanwhile, Mark rolled up his shirt sleeves in preparation for work, that extra moment he took to carefully fold his sleeves is comment-worthy. He then gracefully held a green-colored pencil which had a shape of a hexagonal prism and then started retracing the sketch with unmatched features. Now, having determined to conquer my fear, I decided to restrain Mark from altering the features anymore, before I could speak up, he observantly glanced at me with beside the point and immaterial questions, before this could happen 4 or 5 times, the sketch is complete. Mark then looked at me with a haughty grin, and with a finished sketch in his hands, asking me to hand it over to Elina, and thanked me for assisting him to finish the sketch again. I nodded!!!

Although clear-headed, that it was Mark who’s in the 1st sketch!!
Shame-faced, I walked my way to Elina and handed over the new sketch to her!!!! But, deep inside I knew that this is not an END. 

Seeing such a weird-ass dream, I have woken up with a newfound respect for my brain’s power of imagination. 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)


  1. Your blogs are very intense and the way you describe it makes it so interesting

  2. Awesome as always

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