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Crazy yet Caring ^_^

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I never believed that there exists 'heroines' but yes they do and are called ‘elder sisters’. Well, I don’t have any complaints about that but, mannnn, the irony is, no matter how hard 'younger ones' try, they always end up being ‘side characters’, yes, the character that stays beside the heroine right from the beginning, sometimes if fortunate, even before the heroine’s entry, but damn, even before we fully embrace her qualities, there comes the actual character who is absolutely ravishing with entrancing facial features, beautiful clothes, high academic excellence, appreciation from every possible relative (even from the generations that didn’t exist, lol), and definitely the so-called “the best qualities”; while all of a sudden making the ‘side character’ feel absolutely deflated like a balloon, boom, she’s got no recognition anymore. I sometimes wonder if portraying the ‘side character’ unnoticeably makes the ‘heroine’ noticeable? 

Wonders apart! Oh yes! My sister is the ‘heroine’ and yeah I’m the obvious ‘side character’ in our story. And this started more than 20 years ago! Wait wait, I mean 26 years ago, but assuming that I was a heroine at least during my 1st 5 years. C’mon, as a baby I deserve at least that much. So, the very 1st scene I remember is…

I starting my 1st grade, although anxious, but thrilled because it’s already been 3 years since I started my schooling. So, the day has come, my mum helped me dress up to school, I eagerly gazed into the mirror only to notice my sister’s three years old school uniform, shoes, socks, and trust me, even the faded black ribbons, and, not so unexpected but yeah her semi-torn 1st-grade textbooks. Thank god I had my own school bag because I believe my parents couldn’t make up an excuse for that.
But wait, I’m still smiling, I’m still thrilled until I noticed the brand new uniform and shoes that my sister wore. Holy crap, seriously!

And the story continued… with every possible 2nd hand item ~_~

But yeah, not just cons, there are countless pros in having an elder one in your story, like you’ll get special recognition among your friends, especially no one attempts to taunt you because you always have a senior (your sister😉) to guard you, and you’ll get that gifted excuse to make friends with seniors (her pals) and sometimes teachers, like how the ‘side character’ gets to meet hero’s friend and out of the blue falls in love with him and marries him, godddd that’s a whole different story, back to ours, so yeah basically NEPOTISM :D

But the tragedy is, if, I mean IF she fails in any aspect (she never fails, she’s a heroine bro, but IF she does, then), that’s considered a FAILURE even for me, my parents would never even permit me to think about that. Mannnn! How on earth my sister’s failure my so-called failure…? that seized many games/adventures/trips from me, uhh!
But lol, that unquestionably recused me many times from being inert and helped to make learned decisions.

But eventually, there came a period where I realized that my sibling turned out to be my best friend. Isn’t that cool?

Friendship Symbol from 'Oh my Friend'. This picture was captured in 2012

The only person who enters the room without knocking

The only person who still feeds me even when I say “ahh, I’m full” 

The only person who yells at me for no reason and I make fun of that, lol

The only person to whom I could say sorry for the millionth time and not feel sorry about that
(hope my mum doesn’t read these above lines 😝)

And lol, I can write a book on these lines, but since I feel super responsible for the reader’s enthusiasm 😁, winding up with a 

Happy Sister’s Day and Friendship Day to my friendly sister 
and Happy Friendship Day to every single friend of mine :)


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