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How【BAD】is too【BAD】【?】

Rolling my eyes upon watching Mr. Money obstruct the stream of sunbeams from striking my eyes, I habitually smiled seeing him grow every passing day. Oh yeah, I’m not talking about a pet, my sister is so stern about permitting animals in the house, it’s a money plant, yeah, he’s growing so healthy, that’s admirable : ). While this is happening, my brain is still pondering about this “POT”, Nah, not Mr. Money’s, well, for those of you who know me might relate this to the poker pot, hell no, it’s the methylamine pot that occupied my brain at this hour in the morning. Lol yes, after a long rolling pause I finished watching all the seasons of breaking bad [if you haven’t watched this series yet, methylamine is a drug that’s controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration, it’s bad, I mean the drug 😜].

I am still freak about how a simple-minded person with zero drama and no serious psychological aberrations turned his life into an absolute roller coaster.. but in an EXCEPTIONAL WAY. Mr. White is a calm what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda inspired and knowledgeable chemistry professor, happenings in his life turned him into a drug manufacturer. Oopsie, I’m talking too much about ‘breaking bad’ instead of ‘bad’, which’s my focus! Geez, I don’t want to stop this topic without mentioning Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkmann), his acting is so so adorable, do check out, if you haven’t yet.

Well, back to bad! Puzzled about this peace to crime alterations, I became curious to know if it’s justifiable? I, as usual, grabbed my phone, ranged my dad, and narrated the entire Breaking Bad to him! Lol yes, I did, the entire story, and yes, he heard it patiently and curiously, the bottom line is he didn’t support this aggressive conversion. While my news freak dad and I are discussing a few other vulnerable stories, my mom took over and said that she supports all of Mr. White’s actions, hell yes, even she silently heard the entire narration.  Shoot! She has a justification this time.

She asked if I know this guy named Shakuni from Mahabarath, yes I do. Whoosh! mommy’s way of explaining stuff, but bear with me it’s interesting! 

Mom: Do you recommend his actions?

I immediately shook my head from side to side (refusal).

Mom: Did you ever think why he did what he did?

I remained silent and curious

Mom: Well, when the marriage of Gandhari and Dhritrashtra is over (Kauravas’ parents), Bhishma (Kauravas’ ~grandfather) realized that Gandhari is technically a widow.

Me: Oh she’s married already?

Mom: She’s married a goat, for some reason.

Anyway, Bhishma got so angry that the Kuru clan has been deceived, so he put Gandhari’s father, all her brothers (including Shakuni), and her house under imprisonment with kind of too much hospitality. He made them feel like guests rather than like prisoners. 

Earlier, the law or the term of the day was such if the bride’s family comes for the first time to the house into which the girl is married, as long as they’re being well treated they cannot walk away. So they were being served and slowly the quantum of food kept on receding but they’re still being served so they cannot leave, but the quantity kept on receding to a point where it just became, a morsel, a person, so slowly they all started depleting because there’s not enough food but they’re technically being served with great hospitality so they cannot go away. 

After some time everybody became all bones. Since it’s obvious that the Kuru dynasty just wants them dead, the father and all the brothers among themselves decided to fast and let one of them who is the most intelligent eat all the food and survive and take revenge on Kurus, so among themselves all of them decided to fasten themselves to death and gave all their food to Shakuni. So as his brothers and his father were dying, Shakuni ate the food in front of them. As his brothers died one by one, it is said, his father encouraged him to eat the organs of his brothers so that he becomes strong and lives.

Me: What seriously!

Mom: Ok listen, but the brothers died with a single purpose that when it is time he must go out and take revenge!

So his father said “when I die you can leave, till then you eat the organs of your brothers”, so he sat there cut open their bodies ate up their livers and kidneys and hearts, and lived strong.

Me: That’s cruel!

Mom: Exactly, that is the reason he became cruel eventually. Anyways, the time of his father came, then the father took his walking stick and whacked Shakuni on his ankle, Shakuni screamed in pain and asked why, his father said I have broken your leg so that you always limp and never forget why you were fed with your brother’s bodies, every time you limp you know why you’re limping.

Shakuni was not a fighting man he was just a plump of the soft body but he has armed with a single purpose AND you know what it is!!!

And then she stopped by saying, “so never try to conclude, everyone has their reasons for their actions, but yeah, use your energy for positive intentions!”

POSITIVE😵 a question mark again!

Although both the stories are not particularly relatable or even real (um.. I believe so) Man! My momma’s narration was so just fair and engaging, isn’t it?

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