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Geniuses are made, not born.

It all started when the whites and blacks decided to fight over each other, and not to forget, the whites started the battle. Although I am anxious, I got engrossed in the abstract strategy that's used throughout the battle with no hidden information. Both sides, the combatants are so keen on their non-violent approach but are incompassionate to leave a way for escape. Furthermore, the folks on both mobs are very eager to understand the strategies of the opposites, to put them under an immediate attack.

While this is happening, my eyes stopped wandering when it met a set of young eyes which shined like an ocean in the summer sun but with the color of the richest chocolate. Her blonde hair with soft curls was the color of rich cream, and her skin was as clean as a new paper. On the whole, she was like a dream and I loved her. How could I not? She was so very easy to love. By nature, her eyes are expressive but she willfully remained still to not let the opposites understand her strategies. Even before I realized that she’s the one leading the whites, her long, slender, and well-structured fingers skillfully led the entire troops and won the battle over blacks.

Undoubtedly this girl is a gifted bundle of hope, but the fact that she did not just win this battle, but several, even over the skilled and more influential ones makes the entire scene unrealistic. While appreciating my hippocampus for remarkably combining the disparate objects and perceptions into a wonderful bundle, I thoroughly relished this richly detailed hallucinatory experience. Never mind, I am just trying to convey that I woke from a dream :D. But wait, I’ve been dreaming about the chess game, played by Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) in a recent drama - The Queen’s Gambit, by Scott Frank.

Rubbing my eyes, I swirled over the bed to pull my laptop, although overwhelmed about the stacked emails, I rushed to check who else thought this unrealistic.

[Please pause the video while reading the reviews in it.]

Jeez... A feeling of happy satisfaction has sufficiently awakened me and pushed me to sense my surroundings when I did see Magnus Carlsen’s review that he found the series “a little too unrealistic”. Did I mention that I am a huge fan of him? huh, who isn't!

The fact that the series revolved around smartness and how swiftly Beth Harmon mastered her skills in chess is not just unrealistic but disturbing, and makes me dig Mr. Laszlo Polgar’s story. Well, he was a firm believer in hard work, and his mantra was “A Genius is not born, but is educated and trained.” This man believed in this idea so strongly that he wanted to test it with his own children and decided chess would be the suitable field for the experiment. And there you go, his girls….
Susan Polgar: Grandmaster by the age of twenty-two,
Sofia Polgar: World champion by the age of fourteen,
Judit Polgar: Grandmaster by fifteen years and four months, she’s the youngest grandmaster of all time :) that’s fascinating right!

But, hold on, I am sure they've made numerous compromises to get there 


My dad often says, "You can have anything in life if you sacrifice everything else for it". What he meant is, "nothing comes without a price, so before you go into battle, you better decide how much you're willing to lose. Of course, the toughest sacrifices are the ones we don't see coming..."

Crap, too much deviation happened, but the so-called conclusion I wanted to make from my deep-felt dream ๐Ÿ˜... is... nevermind ๐Ÿ˜

From "The Queen's Gambit", or maybe from the reviews that I read is  - "Geniuses are made, not born". 


  1. Wonderful read, I totally agree with you on this point.

  2. I like the way you elaborated the things.. Looking forward for more stories

  3. So beautifully written ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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