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Exploratory Analysis to Anticipate a Chess Champ's Journey.

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Leo is 9 years old and an international Chess player. His mom, Alex wants to see Leo as a Chess Grandmaster (GM) before he turns 18.

Since in Chess, rankings are a direct representation of the performance of a player over a certain period of time, Alex started her analysis using the data of the Top 100 Chess players over a certain period of time. Data was sourced from the official site of the World Chess Federation: The dataset contained 8 features including ranking date, rank, player's name, title, country, rating, number of games played in that particular year, date of birth.

At first, she was curious to know if there is any correlation between age and ranking. A joint plot between ranking and date of birth inferred that,  
the person who got rank 1, yes, you guessed it right, it's Magnus Carlsen, he is the World's Chess Champion since 2013 - present, is born in 1990, the 2nd guy in 1993, and the 3rd in 1975. So she understood that the age has got nothing to do with the championship, except for the fact that rating tremendously decreases when the player loses after 18 years than compare to before 18 years of age.

Alex now wants to know the average rating of a player, to be one among the top 100. A histogram could suffice that requirement. 
She understood that the battle between the top 100 players started approximately between 2660 - 2850 rating. Also realized that the players count decreased gradually until it reached 5 - 6 players, and then there's again a gradual decrease until it reached rank 1.

Upon knowing about the age and rating, Alex now is curious to know which country has the more chess population. So she then grouped the players country wise and  figured out that,


Russia has the highest number of players of about 20 out of 100 top players, China and the USA are the 2nd leading countries with about 9 out of 100 players, then comes India with about 7 out of 100 players.

So, out of the analysis that Alex made, though age doesn't matter, she wants Leo to achieve a rating of about 2650 before he is 18. Also, since Russia has more chess players than compare to other countries, she believed that the chess coaching would also be good enough in Russia, and decided to appoint a Russian coach for her son, which is again a whole new story. Winding-up upon wishing Leo all the very best to his journey in becoming a GrandMaster..😊


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