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The journey has just begun..

I feel fully conscious but definitely unable to open my eyes, I could barely move, I feel so weak with little or no energy within myself. I don’t remember anything that happened previously, but it’s like I struggled a lot and fell asleep for so long and just woke-up. With something fluidic touching my feet, I gently tried to open my eyes, and then with my half-closed eyes, I figured out that I was in a slightly dark room with no one around. Though the room was built so beautifully with it being narrow at the ceiling and wide at the base, reminding me of a pear, it was so small. It seemed like an ancient room, it had no doors and windows, just a small tunnel, although I’m not sure where it leads to since I’m seeing this for the first time.

While this is happening, I started hearing some voices from outside, at first gentle whispers, which I could barely understand, and then a sudden tumultuous sound that scared me, I think that was the very first time I got scared so much in my life. Within a fraction of a second, my half-closed eyes were wide open and a sense of consciousness engrossed in me that I wanted to run for safety, but I knew that my feet would not allow me to do so, though weak, I forcibly hit the walls of the room and noticed that there is someone behind the wall to stop me from hitting it more, each time I hit, I could feel more people stopping me and laughing. Terror sucked the very breath from my mouth and finally realized that I was kidnapped by someone. I soon fell asleep again.

And one day there was a sudden trembling, It was like an earthquake, everything started moving, at first, slowly and then, it was rigorous. I couldn’t scream, I could only open my mouth and my breath quickened and I used every muscle in my body to stifle a whimper. Everything around me seemed so busy, it’s like a chemical plant around with rigorous and constant work going on. Somehow the trembling stopped after some time and I could hear the same gentle whispers that I heard earlier, not to forget this time I didn’t hear any tumultuous sounds but a gentle, consistent sound that is soothing me to sleep. Although the place is comfortable, it’s often terrifying, it’s been months since I am in that room without food and someone to talk with. So the urge to get out of that place is increasing day by day.

And one day after a couple of weeks, I built a lot of energy and courage in me to somehow get out of that place and targetted the tunnel. And started moving out, at first my head and then my body, then no sooner I could hear loud screams, my heart began to hammer against my chest but then I ignored and continued. After a couple of hours, I could no longer see the pear-shaped room, I was in the middle of the tunnel and exhausted, In my terrified mind every breath of wind was as loud as a blood-curdling scream. Without waiting a minute, I continued moving on, in about half an hour I could see some brilliantly golden flash for the first time in my life, it was so captivating. In less than a minute a gigantic lady with an annoying grin on her face was holding me in her hands and then I felt other unbalanced hands, trying to hold me as fragile as she could, and there you go It’s my MOM! 
HOLY CRAP, I was in my mom’s womb these many months!!!!
I then heard the same tumultuous voice again, this time so close to my ears and it’s my SISTER, and no wonder, that’s when I officially cried for the first time ;) Meanwhile some curious eyes are gazing at me, refusing to hold me out of fear, yes my DAD :)…. And the journey has begun….


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