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Misconstrued Vein of Love..

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Note: The ‘I’ here is written from a male context πŸ‘¨πŸ˜

It was a pleasant sunny afternoon, well, I understand that afternoons and pleasantness won't go concomitantly, especially when it’s sunny! But wait, it was pleasant for me coz that’s when I met the love of my life. I was introduced to her by her sister. The moment I saw her, the whole agenda for the rest of my life has flashed in my head, a sense of belonging triggered in! And the same reciprocated, she’s equally excited seeing me :)) Woohoo..! That’s when this guy with the long hair, expressive eyes, and a not so cute smile popped in my head, imaginations apart, he’s Issac Newton, oh yes, his 3rd law of motion ;)

Although it’s our initial meet, we started talking hours together. Surprisingly, she’s a fitness freak, we spoke lots about health and fitness. Oh wait, I didn’t mention this right! although my degree is not exactly related to what a doctor studies or does, people often consider me their doctor, basically, I’m a health advisor. So yeah, my girl is super cautious about her health and that made our conversation last longer. We discussed our healthy habits and shared a lot of inputs that we put in every day. We became so attached that she always makes sure that I am close to her vein of love, that feels me directly connected to her heart, you know what I mean ;)

I became her wake up and good night call, we went for our evening walks together, shared our eating and drinking habits. Her healthy lifestyle was aww-stuck, especially the work-out that she does! all thanks to Tim Cook who motivated her, oh well, the fact that this guy sends out his company emails at 4:30 a.m. and heads to the gym at 5:00, cultivated the get-up-and-go habit in her. As days pass by I got engrossed in her excessively high standards and her flawlessness to such an extent that every single step that she takes mattered to me. All this happened in just a week, and my life looked absolutely perfect and worth living with her.

One day, as usual, I tried waking up her in the morning but when she didn’t respond, my heart thudded in my chest, however, this sensation short-lived when she woke a while later. Although her morning got disturbed, she managed to full-fill the rest of her day’s schedule. The following day, not only her morning routine is skipped, but also our favorite evening walk. Eventually, in the next couple of days, her morning routine and somehow our evening walk, and gradually her night’s sleep fell apart from their schedule. The only thing that retained is her work-out, that’s what she claims, I have no option but to agree.

Although I know she’s being irrational and that’s infuriating me, I tried setting myself away from a panic attack bcoz that’s very draining and takes away a lot of my energy. Eventually, I felt futility and zero attention from her. When questioned, she incredulously scowled! 
One thing that leaves me cheerful is, she still keeps me close to her vein of love, these are the only times I look back to my hereditary and smile, oh yeah, we both look good when together, and that is the only reason she still wears me and....

I am her freaking Fitbit!!!!

Additional Info πŸ˜‰ -> ‘Vena amoris’, literally meaning, ‘vein of love’ is the vein that ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart.


  1. Hahaha.. Fitbit😍
    Always connected to vein of Love


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