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We Can Negotiate Too! by Anuj Jagannathan

We Can Negotiate Too! by Anuj Jagannathan is a brilliant handbook for children as well as to the adults. 

Sketch: The author primarily addressed the kids/young adults in this book. The book is aimed to teach how to properly negotiate to get what you want.

Well, here are a few of my thoughts on the book...

1) Each time when the author mentioned ”young readers”, it made me read the book more like a young person rather than like an adult, which is very refreshing,

But, because I am reading this with an adult mind, it made me feel not belonged, sometimes. I'd expect a funky line asking us to consider reading the book as a young person, no matter what our ages are.

2) In an attempt to teach the Science/Art of Negotiation, the author compared pizza to science, soda & garlic bread to art, which is interesting and engaging.

3) Initially, I felt like the same content is being delivered over and over again. But, as the chapter proceeded, this made more sense, and there came a flow in my head, like:

ch 1 - introduction with Rahul - A birthday boy, is so very thoughtful.

ch 2 - fact that we need to balance both science and art with a cute pizza and soda example :)

It went on beautifully!

Especially, driving the entire book with Rahul until the end rose the suspense/interest.

4) Since this is intended for kids/young adults, adding more pictures would have been more interactive. Maybe a picture instead of (or) addition to words in the summary at the end of each chapter would have spoken more.

5) Author took every chance to add humor to his lines, that's very engaging. Additionally, that would have been more engaging if a few fun quizzes regarding any negotiation scenario were added in the middle. Maybe 2 times in a chapter.

6) Haha negoptimism is nice, grabbed my attention, do check it out ; )

7) I liked the WHAM strategy & power of influencing. I can say those are my key takeaways.

It's a nice way that one could use to socialize their idea/item that they are presenting in a negotiation. Well, I kinda started practicing this for my negotiations in day-to-day life ;) it's been fun and fruitful..

8) All the chapters are super engaging. 4th chapter kept me more engaged. That's where the author discussed the art of negotiation.

Also, the cricket negotiation with his daughter is so thoughtful :)

9) The author managed to relate every strategy with a real story, which takes lots of effort to gather them, and every story is so relatable and kept me questioning to know even further.

10) Closing is great by not letting the audience know "about ____ Nah, Nah, I don't want to reveal the climax, check it out : )"

11) The sentence structure and clarity in his thoughts is remarkable, I couldn't find even a single confusing phrase throughout the book. I definitely want to learn his clear thinking/jotting approach.

Before I started reading the book, I underestimated the term "Negotiation". But the author made me understand that it's not that easy by beautifully dividing them into phases and actually making it easy now. Glad I read this book :)

You can find the book here on Amazon. Happy reading :)

Thank you for reading this review.


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